Digital Proofing

At Slapco we know your brand is important. As such, we would rather there be no surprises when you receive your custom order - so all custom orders include a free digital proof (aka mockup) that requires your approval before going in to production. Simply place your order, share your artwork, and let us know how you would like your stickers and decals cut. That's it!

Within 1 business day, the Slapco team will generate a digital proof of your artwork and you will receive an email from us asking for your approval. Need to make changes? Not a problem! You'll be able to request changes right from Slapco's digital proofing portal.

Why do we do this?
Digital proofing has revolutionized the printing industry by allowing for a faster, more efficient and accurate process. In the past, printing companies used to either rely on physical proofs that were time-consuming and often expensive or even worse - assume that what they wanted to produce was what the customer had in mind. However, with digital proofing, the process has become much simpler, quicker, and more cost-effective.

Digital proofing involves creating a digital file of the design that is then sent to you for approval. This process allows for quick and easy revisions without the need for physical mockups. With digital proofing, you can see exactly what your design will look like as a final product, ensuring that you are happy with the end result.

Ready to give it a shot? Go ahead and order your custom stickers or decals today!